When the Light Fell

An expressive painting of the light on the Isle of Man

As I walk the hills, I catch glimpses of distant fields, stone walls, and of course, the sweeping valleys.
The light moves across the land as clouds permit breakthrough and the scene is always changing.

When I sit out and paint, it is always a challenge to know not only where to start and what to capture, but where to sit and how to manage the wind and weather!

Over time I have come to understand that what I’m doing is absorbing. I’m taking in so much without being able to pinpoint exactly what it is I’m seeing and feeling.
I work quickly in various sketch books to capture something, and anything caught is a bonus, then I return home with my spirit full of beauty and a sketchbook full of dubious daubs!

My next step is to work some small watercolours to develop what I experienced and make some aesthetic choices.

Free expressive watercolours

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At this stage I am consolidating my ideas. But when I move to a large canvas and switch medium to oils is when the challenge is on.

To purchase this small watercolour, please click the image

Each painting evolves over time as I layer up paint and try to work out where it is I’m going and what it is I’m saying. This is an important part of my working practice. If I am not saying anything, then I might as well simply walk the hills and keep the experience for myself. Instead, I lay my soul out on the canvas, and hopefully the viewer can catch the vision and walk the hills and valleys with me.

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