Walking into Joy

Original oil painting – Oil on Linen – 117 x 66 x 4 cm – £2500

Coming through a year of harsh treatment, I found myself immersed in the vibrancy of red. Now red is a difficult colour to manage, but I had many happy hours pulling it all together and making it work.

This painting started as abstract, but the more I worked on it, the more I found myself painting out my inner landscape. By this I mean the landscape of my inner thoughts and responses to life. And how God is speaking to me at the time. I worked layers, let them sit a bit, then scrubbed away to reveal beautiful things – and a story emerged.

On a spiritual note…

There were many points at which I could have stopped and called it done, but I chose to continue. I feel that now, the work holds a greater depth and maturity. I find that when I submit to God and allow Him to work in me, He reveals things in me that need to be removed. Then more beautiful things can emerge, like freedom and peace.

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