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This is Jesus

This is Jesus. A man of grief and pain. Knowing rejection. Stricken and afflicted but without blame. Seated once in heaven above, one with the Father, A Man of love.

But He came. 

The father’s son, His only one. Becoming flesh, vulnerable, undone. Broken by pain, and my shame. Willingly taking it all. 

Dying for me. 

The chosen one, in whom God delights. The bringer of justice, a man of might. He does not crush. He does not quench. He opens dungeons; has the key. He sets men free.

Yes He came. 

He came. Jesus – the one who takes my sin and dying, broken, He proclaimed, ’It is finished’ ’It is done’ And rising, bought me back again to the Father.

This is Jesus.

P J Kent 2013


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