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The Unpredictable Landscape

To be honest it is me that has become unpredictable!

I saw this incredible landscape of blues and pink.

I had been working on a canvas for a few weeks with mainly blues. My was focus was on the sea of glass talked about in the book of Revelation in the Bible.

But I am discovering that what I ‘see’ in the heavenly places often presents itself here in the natural environment. This is what happened while I was working on this painting. I had been walking along the coast, and saw this incredible landscape of blues with soft pink. The pink was almost indiscernible to the human eye, but there it was non-the-less. And, of course a dramatic thing was going on in the sky above!

Landscape of Blue and Soft Pink

Thunder in a Sea of Pink

I returned to the studio and lathered my blue canvas with pinks and grey. Leaving the underpinning of blue in place, I wove in the green that I had seen in the seaweed. With a touch of thunder thrown in it was there. Unpredictable indeed. But what a joy the whole experience has been. Too often we traumatise over our work, when what is required can simply be some inspiration with a touch spontaneity.

The next day after sitting on my hands refusing to adjust anything. I returned to the studio and brought some gentle balance into things. I added a line of magenta to pop the blue, brought warmer shades of pink into the peachy tones and applied a gentle wash of pink over the bright green in the foreground. It was a delight and I am well happy with the outcome. Do please contact me if you would like to see this painting in the flesh. It is still drying but that is not a problem.


Below are a few details from this painting just to give an idea of the working method of applying paint.

Further details on this painting…

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