The Throne Room

A description in paint of the vision of heaven in Revelation chapter 4

I had it in my heart to paint the Throne Room of Heaven and started my research with looking at Revelation chapter 4 where we read a description of this very thing.

It soon became obvious that the main theme is light and all the colours generated from light in its purest form. I began asking questions and one such question was put to God – how would He depict light if He was restricted to using paint on canvas? It was a strange question I know, as God IS light and the creator of light! 

This painting is the result of my meditation. I tried to depict the colours, the light and the glassy sea surrounding the throne room with the four and twenty elders worshipping God.  Within the painting I aimed to create space and a way in.
The throne is veiled, but only partially, because at the crucifixion of Christ the veil in the temple which separated the people from the most holy place was ripped apart from the top to the bottom, thus creating free access into the holiest part of the temple, where previously only the High Priest was allowed to go. 

So it is for us; we can now, because Christ took away our sin and guilt on the cross, come freely before God, talk to, and walk in relationship with Him. 

‘And so… we can boldly enter heaven’s Most Holy Place because of the blood of Jesus.’  Hebrews 10:19 

Now isn’t THAT worth painting about?   

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