The Mist had come in

The mist had come in, touching, invading and chilling all in it’s path. Familiar things were all distorted and enlarged, it would be easy to walk into fear. 
But the sun was out too. Warming, penetrating, turning those fearful things into things of beauty.

When I saw this scene from my house one night, I was amazed at the effect the mist was having on the surroundings, the headland never looks this big nor the sun so large. I suspect Physics was at play – water particles acting as magnifying glasses or something. But it made me think about how we view our problems: 

When we focus on them they appear to get bigger, our thoughts and concerns act like magnifying glasses, but when we let God’s love and light shine through, when we focus on that – everything else falls into place and faith is enlarged. Instead we begin to see all the hidden colours and riches that come from the problems and trials of life.

Psalms 123:1
To you I lift up my eyes,
Oh You who are enthroned in the heavens.

The question is – Where is our focus?

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