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The Invitation

It has always been my intention to write about this work but recenty I was sent a recording of a radio interview in which I talk about this very painting. So here it is.

“In conversation with Judith Ley, first broadcast on Manx Radio December 2018”

The Invitation


  • Claudia

    Well done, Petrina. Great interview! And brilliant news about the online course featuring your work. It is such a special painting! I’ve just read the passage in Luke. Simon Peter was willing to let Jesus use his boat to preach to the crowds, just like you are willing to let God use your talents and your inspired works of art to speak to people. And just as Simon did what Jesus asked, trusting the Master despite being exhausted, you are following His call to go deeper into evangelism, trusting the Master for a successful ‘catch’.
    It’s interesting that Simon Peter felt completely overwhelmed and inadequate when they caught so much fish that he fell to his knees and asked Jesus to go away, because “I am a sinful man”. But Jesus was having none of it. He gently replied with “Don’t be afraid” and “from now on you will catch men.” No questions asked about their past or present failures, no judgment; just a simple invitation to follow the Master. (Although Peter probably realised that day that his life needed to change). And so the 3 of them (Simon, James and John) “pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed him.” What an amazing response to this ‘deep encounter’ with Jesus.
    A challenge for all of us to do likewise, trusting Jesus completely and following his call to go wherever he leads us, and very likely having a deeper revelation of who He is as we follow Him. Thank you so much for this inspiration this morning at the start of a new year. I pray that God’s blessing will be on you as you go deeper this year in various ways and that many people will be touched by your ‘Invitation’ as they embark on the course.

    • Petrina

      Thank you for this wonderful contribution. You have shared some interesting points. I love the fact that they all helped with the catch. It was only recently whilst re visiting the passage in Luke that I saw there were actually two boats. I had originally drawn two in my painting but went for just one for simplicity of choice – the boat or the deep? But they actually needed help from the second boat! I’m claiming that for this new year; that we will all work together to bring in the fish!

  • Ella Powell

    PETRINA ,YOU have made me so happy to see yr beautiful works of art and at how they touch the deep inner most parts of hearts .
    God so uses your talents and gifts
    To speak to us…theblastcwork of yours was the golden gate in Douglas ….it spoke to me God is blessing the work of your hands ..xxx

    • Petrina

      Thank you Ellen… always lovely to receive feedback. Might I ask how you found my blog please? I’m looking for ways to get it seen. May God bless you deeply. May you find Him in places you don’t expect!

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