The Closed Gate

Whilst visiting a friend, I paused outside her large house and rang to see if I could park on her forecourt. She said that the gates were working and to just drive in.
Well, her large foreboding gates were in fact very closed, but she the owner had said I could drive in, so I cut across the road, blocking the oncoming traffic and headed straight towards those closed gates!
As I did so I was experiencing mild panic thinking that the gates were so very closed and that I was making a right fool of myself!

But as I edged towards the gates they simply opened up for me and I was able to drive straight in!

Why am I sharing this? 
It was a powerful image, a picture of our need for faith. If we are to follow God we need to make a move; go in the right direction, and maybe even make a fool of ourselves. We need to head straight for Him!
On the other hand if God is calling you into a new ministry or mission and you know He has said ‘Go’ but the door seems to be shut. 
Then. Go! 

Follow Him, trust Him, and the way will open up for you.

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