The Boat

Jesus, Jesus, Beautiful Jesus.
There are those who would laugh and scoff that I even think to speak your name. You are but fiction to them. But how can that be when you have revealed yourself so very clearly to me? 
In life you reached down; you came and walked this earth the same as we do. You picked up ordinary things making good use of them for your purposes. You took a boat and preached from it to multitudes. Then you sent that same boat out into the deep and at the hands of Peter, an ordinary man it was used to bring in an extraordinary catch of fish; a multitude. But then you said he would fish for men.
At the touch of your hands people were made whole. Life was given. Do I believe this? Yes, I have seen it with my very eyes. In faith I reached out and touched you. I asked you to heal my child and you did. In faith I followed you, I trusted you and believed your word – Healer, Deliverer, Redeemer it said.

Yes I do believe in Jesus, and yes I will, like Peter take out my boat and together we shall go out into deep waters and we will fish for men. 

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