• Remarkable Things

    Roots and Shoots

    Today we were doing a bit of spring gardening and consequently found these little girls hidden away in the shed.  Following the instructions I had placed them there for the winter-all tucked away in a secret place so they could…

  • About Paintings

    When the Light came down

    Seeing how the light was falling on the tiny rock pools around the coast, I set about to capture the overwelming presence of it. Everything changes when the sun comes out; spirits lift and the world looks better. These small…

  • A description in paint of the vision of heaven in Revelation chapter 4
    About Paintings

    The Throne Room

    I had it in my heart to paint the Throne Room of Heaven and started my research with looking at Revelation chapter 4 where we read a description of this very thing. It soon became obvious that the main theme…

  • Remarkable Things

    Grubby Windows

    Seeing the light stream through this window so dramatically caused me to ponder. My attention was drawn, not to the light but to the dirt on the windows! I stood reflecting. I had a lovely freind who used to teach…

  • Poetry / Prayers


    Wipe away the smudges from my mind; the thoughts that would hinder me and cloud my vision of You.Let me see clearly. Wash away my stains; those things that have been spilt on me by others and by my own…

  • About Paintings

    The Mist had come in

    The mist had come in, touching, invading and chilling all in it’s path. Familiar things were all distorted and enlarged, it would be easy to walk into fear. But the sun was out too. Warming, penetrating, turning those fearful things into things…

  • Remarkable Things

    Simple Things

    Today as I walked in stillness along the beach longing to hear God speak, I started to sing a simple song of love to Him.  I then returned back up along the road and noticed how grubby and mundane it…

  • About Paintings

    Higher Places

    The word for the week for me is ‘intentional’ and this painting is just that. I deliberately chose to paint this hill for it’s challenging composition and also I might add for walking across, as many of us do. This…

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