• Poetry / Prayers


    I come to you Jesus, the one who loves my soul, and pause to wonderWhat path have you trod, what made it even possible that you should consider me,the guilty one, full of pain and shame, full of sin, lost…

  • Remarkable Things

    Now You See Me

    Petrina Written 2014 After watching this rather interesting film, ‘Now You See Me’, I realised God was speaking to me through it about my own situation. The film is about a bunch of magicians, all with different skills of illusion…

  • Poetry / Prayers

    Even Me

    He took the little ones on His knee,And blessed them Even Me. The very Kingdom of Heaven belongs to‘Such as these.’He said. He talked of seedsand soil,Sheep and shepherds,And, the wandering soul.Revealing His heart to seek them;That none may perish.That…

  • About Paintings

    The Invitation

    It has always been my intention to write about this work but recenty I was sent a recording of a radio interview in which I talk about this very painting. So here it is. “In conversation with Judith Ley, first…

  • Poetry / Prayers

    This is Jesus

    This is Jesus. A man of grief and pain. Knowing rejection. Stricken and afflicted but without blame. Seated once in heaven above, one with the Father, A Man of love. But He came.  The father’s son, His only one. Becoming flesh,…

  • Poetry / Prayers

    The Boat

    ‘Jesus, Jesus, Beautiful Jesus.There are those who would laugh and scoff that I even think to speak your name. You are but fiction to them. But how can that be when you have revealed yourself so very clearly to me? In…

  • Life and People,  Remarkable Things


    Initially I posted this image as a blog without words because I felt it spoke for itself. But since then I found myself walking along the same harbour edge and there, two years later was the same boat in the…

  • Poetry / Prayers

    Like A Flood

    Today the sea came in. Like a flood, overwhelming. I let it come, crushing, defeating. But, subside it must. Let it fall again into the ocean. Let it fall again into the depths of the bottomless sea. Let it not,…

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