Simple Things

Today as I walked in stillness along the beach longing to hear God speak, I started to sing a simple song of love to Him.  I then returned back up along the road and noticed how grubby and mundane it was. I paused for a while sitting on a bench and asked God to speak to me. I wanted to know what was He thinking. Then He gently spoke these words….

‘Daughter, daughter, I love your song.
I hear you dear one. When you lift your heart to me. I see it.
As you walk these ordinary steps; the dirty tracks left by others, look how my light touches things. Look.
I bring beauty into the ordinary. Pain, trauma, transgressions – into these things I shine my light.’

I am known, I am loved, I am seen, as I walk these ordinary places where God would have His light shine.

So as I looked, I looked up and saw the windows. They were ordinary things but were catching the full force of the sun and then chucking the light back out again in every direction. And it caught upon the waters as bright as the very sun itself would have done had it shone direct upon them.  And I was encouraged by these little things.

‘The people who walk in darkness will see a great light. For those who live in a land of deep darkness,
a light will shine.’ Isaiah 9:13

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