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I step within the shadow of your mighty wings and rest.
It is my place of safety.
I am covered, loved, protected;
sheltered from harm.
Warmed by love.
Made secure.
This is where I need to be and here I will stay.
I shall not be afraid.
Dangers and fears, storms and disaster – they are not for me; not in this place.
Evil will not touch me.

I am heard,
I am rescued,
I am protected,

I am answered,
I am honoured,
I am loved.

I shall proclaim your unfailing love in the morning and your faithfulness tonight.
You thrill me Lord with all you have done for me.
I shall sing for joy because of what you have done.
So today, renewed by your love for me, I renew my love for You.
I shall trust in you and step with joy into this day knowing I carry your very presence. 
For Christ is within me and I am full of the Holy Spirit.
Let me be a sweet, sweet smelling fragrance to you Father.
Let me walk in close harmony with the Holy Spirit today for there is much to do.

Petrina Kent 2018

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