Seascape Watercolours from the Isle of Man

During last years traumatic year of cancer treatment I would, energy permitting, sit by the water’s edge and paint. These moments helped to calm my soul and soak my being with the presence of God. The paintings in a way became a journal of this experience. They are deeply personal, but I have decided to now share them. If they resonate with you, then I would be honoured for you to purchase one.

I perch precariously on the rocky outcrop, and with wind in my hair, and the constant threat of work being blown away, I paint.

Painting is urgent and swift as the subject matter is constantly moving in front of me. But as I paint, a deep sense of peace seeps into my being and I ‘go’ to a different place.

There is a dichotomy of rest and restlessness. I hope this is reflected in these deeply personal works.

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