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I come quietly to this place of sanctuary to sit in your presence, 
it is where I love to be.
I come in distress,
To lay out my grief and doubts before you like a map of wilderness proportions.

You knew I was lost, my feet slipping, you saw me stumble and fall and you reached out to rescue me.
It was you who put into my heart the desire to come to this place where you are.
It was you who gave me the strength to cry out.
And it was you who dried my tears.

You directed me to the truth.
Rebuking me first through a beloved friend-but I needed that for I was believing all the lies of the evil one.
He tempted me to look at fear, see the darkness and know despair; he robbed me of my peace and joy.
He disgruntled me.

But you knew this and it grieved your heart to see and you rescued me.
I love you my rescuer – my King.
You are my place of safety,
A place of victory,
A place I always want to be.

So I lift my arms in awe.
I raise my heart in praise.
I pick up my banner and dance for you have given me victory.
You have given me
A new stance.
And I love you Lord
I love you Lord.

Petrina Kent 2015

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