Paintings inspired by the Isle of Man

Landscape and Seascapes – Expressive and reflective!

All paintings are original works inspired by the beauty of the Isle of Man. Each one is unique and expressive and picks up on the incredible moodiness of the place, but also captures what I’m experiencing as I work them through.

If you are looking for Port Erin, Port St Mary, Gansey or the rolling hills on the Island, then you will find the essence of them hidden within these works.

Techniques used

Painted on linen and worked in oils. They are built up with an extended working practice of using many glaze layers and scrubbing back moments to produce rich, deep colours and depth of emotion.

Rough sea in oils

An exceedingly rough sea threatening to overwhelm me as I walked through a really tough time discovering that I had cancer. So I started this painting. I worked whilst highly charged with the sense of being overwhelmed; I literally poured myself into it. Then I put it aside and as I worked through issues of life and death and how my faith in God stood up to things, I began to work with brighter warmer colours.

Recently when returning to this painting, I knew that it simply could not be changed. I was no longer in trauma and peace once more prevailed. So….. It is done and I love it. I love it for it’s raw urgency and honesty and I love it for it’s fresh vibrancy too.

Oil on linen 91cm x 71cm Unframed £2250

An oil painting of sea and sky with a hint of thunder to come.
Thunder In A Sea Of Pink

Inspired by the incredible light as a distant storm threatened.
Sometimes the sky, whilst full of light and vibrancy, holds the threat of something more menacing, and this can come totally ‘out of the blue’, just as we sometimes experience in life.
Oil on linen Unframed 66cm x 117cm 4cm deep £2500

Walking On Water

Painted at the start of a very traumatic time and feeling totally overwhelmed.

Even though I felt that life had literally been pulled from underneath me, I was determined to look up and see light and hope and as a friend put it, to walk on the water above the storm. This was easier said than done, but my Heavenly Father sheltered me and became not only my wrap around defence, but also my strength. You will see here a beautiful soft pink light that invades the storm and calms it right down.

Oil on linen 91cm x 71cm Unframed £2250

Walking Through The Storm

This is my latest painting which started as an abstract blue and then developed as I poured my emotions into it. Each painting reflects what I am seeing, feeling and thinking as I work through them, and this one came at the end of a year long treatment, during which time I had worked through many difficult challenges.

Whenever I had the strength, I would sit calmly on the beach painting the water. In a way this is a culmination of those moments.
Oil on linen Unframed 66cm x 117cm 4cm deep £2500

Watercolour studies

These are my watercolour studies worked from the beach or looking down from the key-side Port Erin. They helped to calm my soul and soak my being with all the colours and gentle the rhythm of the sea.


Sometimes on the water front there is a delicacy of light and sea mist. I love this. There is also the gentle rhythm of the incoming tide. All these things I store in my memory bank and they then come out later in paint. For me this painting speaks of that delicate calm.
Oil on linen Unframed 96cm x 56cm £1500


An expression of the delicacy of light upon the waters. Picking up on those delicate layers of incoming mist.
Oil on canvas Unframed 96cm x 56cm £1550

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