Overwhelming Flood

Like a flood, overwhelming, I let it come, crushing, defeating
But, subside it must, let it fall again into the ocean
Let it fall again into the depths of bottomless sea
Let it not, wash over me
Turning my back, I walk towards the still waters of Your presence
It is the only place to be
You love me, I feel the touch of your tender understanding
You whisper words of hope 
Am I to listen? Can I go there again, believing?
I had boldly come, asking You to step in, I stood on Your word
Proclaiming   Declaring
But all I now see is my shame, my confusion, all I now feel, is my pain
But look up I must, I must see Jesus, I must see Jesus
Right now, I am scared of my heart, because You see it
I was tempted to stop trusting You, and even I saw that
But I come to You, because You are Holy, and come I must
Because I know You love me, You have my trust
And I will faithfully come, despite what I see, and I will declare victory
And even though I see nothing, I will believe
Cleanse my heart Lord, set me free
Set me free from this threatening sea
But look up I must, I must see Jesus,
It has to be Jesus

I wrote this at the beginning of the year after a month of fasting before God for breakthrough, which I thought we had – but then came the realisation that we were still held fast in the storm and nearly washed away. Forgive me if I’ve posted this before, but, I am now walking into a season where God is opening my spiritual eyes and I am seeing just how much He did hear my prayers and hearts cry, and I see the army on the hillside; I see the mighty hand of God at work. I am seeing Jesus. If we unwaveringly fix our eyes on Him – we will stand. I trust and pray that this will bless someone out there who reached out and touched the hem of Jesus garment. Please know – he felt it!

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