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New Seasonal Work From the Isle of Man

With the turn of the seasons I am out in the wilds making fresh water colour sketches, mainly with the purpose of catching hold of the vibrant colours and producing some new seasonal work. Yes, I get bitten by tics and it is cold and uncomfortable, but it is worth it. I am inspired!

The Studies

Returning to the studio, I am now in the process of translating my studies into larger oil paintings. That said, what follows will no doubt bare no resemblance to my studies!


A detail from ‘Moodiness’

These are just a glimpse of the early stages of these works. I will be keeping you all updated as I progress.

Heavy Skies

Undercoats of yellow

Autumn Breaks

For this series of new seasonal work I have restricted my palette to the warmer end of the spectrum. This has been a joy and a delight and has lifted my spirits. Winter threatens to be cold and bleak, but this simply is not the case colour wise.

Now finished!

I was excited by my start on this painting, but felt it lacked atmosphere. So the challenge was on! I am very happy with the end result. Contact me for further details.

To purchase a small affordable study, follow this link.

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