Lost in You

I wander restless in the wilderness of despair, in darkness and grief
not knowing which way to turn, or who to trust 
Stones hinder my path, twisting my ankles, wrenching my bones
Deep ravines threaten me and the mist comes down to engulf
I am utterly lost
A tender gentle voice cries out
Where are you my child? I miss you so - where have you strayed?
Silently I strain, call again, call again, I wish to be found
Where are you my child?
And stopping, I hear a still small voice, I feel a touch of tenderness
and there He is, by my side, my rescuer, my friend
You wrap me in the duvet of your love, I snuggled in, content
No darkness is seen or felt - just your beautiful light
The warmth of your embrace seeps into my soul, bringing healing 
and a peace that has long since eluded me
And I am now lost in You.

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