Living to Reflect God’s Glory

‘Reflected Glory’ Original oil painting – Oil on Linen – 91 x 71 x 4 cm – £2250

This painting – Reflected Glory, was painted in the middle of Chemotherapy and with a sheer determination to remain positive, I worked with colours of a rich vibrancy.

One day, and with chest pains, I applied a red glaze, but then as my situation grew worse I had to call the paramedics. They had to keep stepping over this painting as they wired me up. So I mouthed to my husband to remove the painting from the floor so that the men had room to work…. When the painting was back on the easel, the paint started to drip! I was in no position to do anything so had to let it be.


When I was discharged from hospital, I was able to mop up a little, but the red had mostly dried and the drips stubbornly remained. What to do? I sat with it for a few weeks but decided that it was done. I loved those expressive marks and somehow they captured the moment; the story remains within this work and I love it for that.

For me this painting is a bold statement of faith. Faith in what I knew God had told me early on in this story; that I would live to declare His glory.

Yes, there was trauma, but God is able to heal that too and turn it into a thing of beauty.

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