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Even Me

He took the little ones on His knee,
And blessed them

Even Me.

The very Kingdom of Heaven belongs to
‘Such as these.’
He said.

He talked of seeds
and soil,
Sheep and shepherds,
And, the wandering soul.
Revealing His heart to seek them;
That none may perish.
That was His goal.

He spoke of bandits and bandages;
Sickness and death.
But the wounds he speaks about
Only His wounds could heal;
It was His blood,
Not mine,
that was shed.

He talked in riddles,
But truths so deep they were hidden from
those who would not know;
The hard in heart,
The proud.
But to all who are meek and lowly
And simple as a child,
He will reveal himself.

And He talks of mercy and forgiveness.
He talks of love.

So high
Was His calling.
So deep was this love,
He reached down
And rescued-

Even me.

PetrinaKent 15/10/16

I wrote this poem and immediately doubted it, but I think it holds a powerful truth.
And it’s sinking in. As a four year old he took me on his knee as it were and I followed Him. Simply. Trusting. I submit to this simplicity of heart even though I long to be deep and profound, intellectual and strong. This is as he made me, yet within me he placed the Kingdom of Heaven! Yes.
Now that is profound.
That is deep.
And, that is strong.
And I believe his purposes are being worked through that.

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