Painting the Isle of Man

At one point whilst working on this painting I considered it done but as I lived with it in my studio it bothered me somewhat so I decided to consider why that was and then do something about it. It is often a challenge with artists to know when a work is finished.

I watched a film once about Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel, and when asked when the ceiling would be finished his reply was always, ‘When it’s done!’

But when is a painting done?

With this painting, what I loved was the flash of red, but in fact the red fought against the real theme which was the pastoral green in the sweep of the valley and the softening mistiness. So I set about to bring this painting into line with that theme whilst at the same time allowing that flash of red to have its say.

What I enjoy most about walking the landscape is the opportunity to see differently. As you caste your eye around, fresh things are seen and if you were to return another time, it would surely offer a fresh expression; something not seen before.

As I paint I walk through the landscape which is my work, it is a journey of discovery and challenge and this is what I aim to bring those who bravely save up and purchase my work – A new joy and delight each time it is seen and as the light of each day changes as the hours pass – so will the painting.

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