Boxed Beauties

Boxed Beauties – Miniature Oil paintings encapsulating the essence of landscape

These intense oil paintings encapsulate the essence of landscape with it’s nuances of colour, they are beautifully and individually crafted. I designed them to be held and appreciated up close, consequently the size of them is designed to fit in the hand. Each has a hanging hook, so can be hung on any wall simply as it is. However they also look good either simply or extravagantly framed.

How they look as they come elegantly presented boxed

Style and Technique

They are rather abstract in nature and are worked with a certain serendipity of style, built up in intensity with many working layers and glazes to create depth of tone. They are rich and deep and have been most rewarding for me to craft. My aim is to give those who own one the pleasure of little surprises as they see things in them unexpectedly and to offer buyers an opportunity to own an original Petrina Kent.

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