I come to you Jesus, the one who loves my soul, and pause to wonder
What path did you tread? 
What made it even possible that you should consider me 
the guilty one, full of pain and shame, full of doubt and dread?
It had to be love
You loved me enough to leave your majestic throne, walk the dusty path
Mocked - Undone - Giving all for me
Making it possible for me to be
Forgiven - Cleansed - Set free
Yes, You did this for me and You call me now to gaze upon You!
So I look to you the beautiful one, and I see
Majesty - Humility - Love and Purity
There is so much to consider, so much as yet unseen in
My Redeemer - My Lover - My King
And I would know You more, yes, I would know You more

Petrina Kent 2019

2 thoughts on “Adored

  1. Kelly says:

    Hello Petrina,

    Usually I just see your posts on Facebook, but I decided to take a peek at your website. I am so drawn to your paintings! And now to find you have poems and prayers as part of your blog – I’m a little in awe. You are so talented, and there’s something about your work, both in writing and painting, that just speaks to me.
    Thank you for sharing your view of the world from the Isle of Man.

    1. Petrina says:

      That’s so lovely, I’m glad you popped in for a little look around and that you enjoyed the poems. I do feel it’s a bit like exposing ones soul to put them out there but I’m happy to do that if it blesses people. Thank you, Petrina


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