Royal Academy Summer Show

I am standing in the vaulted underworld of the Royal Academy of Art, waiting to reclaim my rejected paintings. Above, is the exhibition. Hundreds of accepted works hang in splendour. It is here the public can consider the skill and beauty of these works.  Some though, are wondering at the selection; it’s always a point of interest who gets in and who does not.

Earlier today I had asked God to protect my mind as I undertook this task.  I knew the temptation for me would be to think that I was a failure or to feel rejected. 

Feeling Vulnerable

The ceiling above is vaulted; it’s grand, but it’s not the gallery, it is the ‘Outer Court’.  All the unwanted work is kept here – not exhibited. This is where the rejected artist stands and waits. I am wondering if the man looking for my paintings will look at them and have an opinion too!

Yes, I am feeling vulnerable. 


My mind settles on the words SHAME and REJECTED, but I have asked God to protect my mind, and remembering my responsibility to take thoughts captive, so I give no space for these words, instead, I remind myself of the truth in God’s word; that everyone who believes in Jesus will not be put to shame.  (Romans 10:11)  Jesus took my shame upon Him on the cross, I am accepted and loved by God; not rejected.  I don’t actually have to do anything, achieve anything or be anything to earn this acceptance.

As the man goes in search of my paintings my spirit drifts to another ‘Outer Court’ – this is the one just outside The Throne Room of Heaven. And as I wait while my arrival is announced, I feel a tremendous peace, because I know I am accepted, and my work is good enough.  I have done my best you see, as I did it for the King. 

‘We are human, but we don’t wage war as humans do.

‘We use God’s mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments.’ 2Cor 10:3

The Challenge

What strongholds in your mind have you overcome recently by standing on the truth?

Written in 2013, but still relevant today!

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