A splash of blue from the Isle of Man

Inspired as I am by the coastline of the Isle of Man and seeing that I am truly a Manx artist, I have decided to embark upon another expression of light and have started a new painting.

It was not only the clarity of light that inspired me to choose this subject matter, but also the effect the clouds were having on the sea causing it to flicker from greys to brilliant blues. And then there was the brightness of the sun bleaching the rocks on the foreshore.

It is always a fascination of mine to understand the subtleties of colour in the sea, flickering as they do from one thing to another and being forever at the mercy of the sky above. Indeed it is a challenge to express these subtleties adequately but rewarding none the less.

Coastline at Port st Mary Isle of Man... a new painting.
Progressing… and trying to keep the painting moving along in cohesion.
Still a bit of resolving to do but nearly there.

To see my work in person please visit my studio at home by contacting me, or… visit Studio42 Port st Mary

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