• Poetry / Prayers

    Hope in Despair

    ‘I could ask the darkness to hide me and the light around me to become night-but even in the darkness I cannot hide from you. To you the night shines as bright as day.’ Ps 139 You, oh God are…

  • About Paintings

    A season held captive

    The thing about this painting is that nobody wants it. Yes, it remains unsold 8 years later. I have even offered it to my family for free! But no, the icy coldness holds them back.

  • About Paintings

    The Height and the Depth

    I had been considering the truths in Ephesians; namely the love of God and so was contemplating this theme when working on this painting. It is my hope that the incredible the indescribable capacity of God’s love is expressed in…

  • About Paintings

    Things Seen

    So I shall cover the canvas with blue and then slather it with the richest of browns, then I shall cut into it with lines of purpose. Then the light will fall. Yes, the light will fall.

  • Remarkable Things

    Now You See Me

    Petrina Written 2014 After watching this rather interesting film, ‘Now You See Me’, I realised God was speaking to me through it about my own situation. The film is about a bunch of magicians, all with different skills of illusion…

  • About Paintings

    When the Light came down

    Seeing how the light was falling on the tiny rock pools around the coast, I set about to capture the overwelming presence of it. Everything changes when the sun comes out; spirits lift and the world looks better. These small…

  • Life and People

    What the Blind Man saw

    Sitting between two men that I didn’t know was the setting for this tale of discovery. Whilst running a School club, we had invited a brilliantly talented pianist to play to the children. He was blind but had applied himself…

  • A description in paint of the vision of heaven in Revelation chapter 4
    About Paintings

    The Throne Room

    I had it in my heart to paint the Throne Room of Heaven and started my research with looking at Revelation chapter 4 where we read a description of this very thing. It soon became obvious that the main theme…

  • About Paintings


    There is fresh work emerging in the Kent studio. It is a time of rolling mist just now on the Island while the place tries to determine what season to be in. It rolls in low and sometimes the cloud…

  • Life and People

    The Feast

    When my friend asked me if I was busy painting this year, my response was that I was first taking time to wait on God. Last year He invited me into a greater intimacy with Him and as I didn’t…

  • Remarkable Things

    Grubby Windows

    Seeing the light stream through this window so dramatically caused me to ponder. My attention was drawn, not to the light but to the dirt on the windows! I stood reflecting. I had a lovely freind who used to teach…

  • Poetry / Prayers


    Wipe away the smudges from my mind; the thoughts that would hinder me and cloud my vision of You.Let me see clearly. Wash away my stains; those things that have been spilt on me by others and by my own…

  • Poetry / Prayers

    This is Jesus

    This is Jesus. A man of grief and pain. Knowing rejection. Stricken and afflicted but without blame. Seated once in heaven above, one with the Father, A Man of love. But He came.  The father’s son, His only one. Becoming flesh,…

  • Poetry / Prayers

    The Boat

    ‘Jesus, Jesus, Beautiful Jesus.There are those who would laugh and scoff that I even think to speak your name. You are but fiction to them. But how can that be when you have revealed yourself so very clearly to me? In…

  • Poetry / Prayers


    I come to this place of rest to sit in your presence , to lay out my doubts before You like a map of wilderness proportions You knew I was lost, my feet slipping You saw me stumble and fall…

  • Life and People

    The Great Outpouring

    We are entering a season of exceleration and God is pouring out His mighty power to equip us for the great harvesting of souls. We each have an area of expertise or gifting for such a purpose but are we…

  • Remarkable Things

    Simple Things

    Today as I walked in stillness along the beach longing to hear God speak, I started to sing a simple song of love to Him.  I then returned back up along the road and noticed how grubby and mundane it…

  • Life and People,  Remarkable Things


    Initially I posted this image as a blog without words because I felt it spoke for itself. But since then I found myself walking along the same harbour edge and there, two years later was the same boat in the…

  • Remarkable Things

    The Old Brush

    He proceeded to take out a blade and he cut away all those beautifully shaped hair ends and reshaped it into something else, and my spirit cringed within me. I remember this well but never applied it because why would…

  • Remarkable Things

    The Old Violin

      I’ve been given an old violin. It’s worn and damaged, but I have a feeling it might produce a beautiful sound if lovingly restored.  It had been neglected, but not forgotten, for the lady who gave it to me…

  • About Paintings,  Spiritual Truths


    Royal Academy Summer Show I am standing in the vaulted underworld of the Royal Academy of Art, waiting to reclaim my rejected paintings. Above, is the exhibition. Hundreds of accepted works hang in splendour. It is here the public can…

  • Poetry / Prayers

    Overwhelming Flood

    Like a flood, overwhelming, I let it come, crushing, defeatingBut, subside it must, let it fall again into the oceanLet it fall again into the depths of bottomless seaLet it not, wash over meTurning my back, I walk towards the…

  • About Paintings,  Remarkable Things

    The River

    I stood gazing at the river. Deep and silently it flowed, but it was alive and purposeful; no murky depths of stagnation here. Fish jumped for flies, trees caressed the water with low flung branches; their roots going deep into the…

  • About Paintings

    The Gate

    The Lonely Gate It was bleak up in the hills in the middle of winter, nevertheless, l was looking for inspiration and had gone out to experience the harshness of it. I battled against the wind and the freezing conditions…

  • Poetry / Prayers

    In the Presence of the King

    I crept into the Throne Room of Heaven.  Holding my daughters hand, with my other on her fevered brow, I entered, hoping for a word; a plea.  Secluded behind a pillar, I waited.  I doubted my right to be here;…

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