Wipe away the smudges from my mind; the thoughts that would hinder me 
and cloud my vision of You
Let me see clearly
Wash away my stains; those things that have been spilt on me by others and by my own indelicate handling of the situations I find myself in
I was not always right
Forgive me Lord
Make good the marks that I gouged upon myself by my own wilful behaviour when I knew the Holy Spirit was nudging me to behave
I repent of this
Purge me from my hidden sins; those secret and most hidden things 
I would be free of them
Shine Your light into the very centre of my soul
Into the things that smoulder, the things that left unchecked - would define me 
I would be pure
Polish me - bring out the sparkle 
Let me be a thing of light and beauty, able to reflect Your glory
So take me Lord, turn me over in Your hands
I willingly submit myself for Your inspection
And rejoice that that You have made me clean

Petrina Kent 2018

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