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My Ongoing Fluid Landscape Work

Set against the rocks

Here you can clearly see how much colour there was on that beach, and how it was picked up in this series of paintings.

A refreshing painting experience

It was gloriously sunny day after such a long spell of wet weather, so I headed for a pebbly cove and set up a temporary studio.

I picked up on the colours that surrounded me rather than capturing the scene, and progressed with further colours bringing each painting to a conclusion.

It was lovely to be able to work on a number of paintings at the same time, as this approach stops me from over focusing on one thing, which can lead to overworking and spoiling the freshness.

Here you can see the whole set in various stages of completion. I must admit that I had a lot of fun placing the paintings on the element that had inspired them.

Finished and Framed

Click on the images to purchase

These are a selection of watercolours from this experience. They are available to purchase either as they are, or framed in a simple white contemporary frame.

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